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New Year's Resolution - Healthy Cooking, Healthy Eating! »

Take a Tuscan cooking course that focuses on healthy alternatives to the classic pasta and meat dishes! Learn to make the dishes that were part of the Tuscan rural tradition before meat became an everyday commodity....




Relax in Tuscany and Umbria - Basic Massage Techniques »

Treat yourself, your partner, family and friends to a very special gift while on holiday this year. You're finally on vacation and ready to relax - what could be better than taking the time to learn a few basic strokes to help alleviate neck, shoulder and back tension?


Rural activities with children in Tuscany and Umbria - EAT LOCAL! »

Traveling with children and wondering what you can do to make both your holiday and theirs enjoyable? Consider paying a visit to a "fattoria didattica", a regular working farm on which you can learn about the whole production cylce as well as taste the "real thing" and know you're EATING LOCAL - at zero miles from farm to plate!!


Biking and Walking in Valdichiana »

If you're looking for an easy bike trail or footpath in the hills of Tuscany, Il Sentiero della Bonifica, or Path of the Reclaimed Land, is a 62 km bike and pedestrian path which joins Arezzo to Chiusi and is suitable for anyone wishing to travel slowly, including families with children.


Terme in Toscana - Hot Springs in Tuscany »

Ever thought of including a regenerating stop at one of Tuscany's many spa destinations during your travels? The region is full of natural hot springs or 'terme', many of which date from Roman or even Etruscan times and whose waters, originating from deep within the earth's crust, have long been associated with curative properties.